We innovate and invest in action-oriented ideas and wait for their root, growth, and scale-up. Today we work on projects addressing pressing issues and contributing to the progress of SDGs. We are home of new organizations and initiatives, either created or supported by us, that have their own identity but work as a part of the RYWO family.


A digital solution to create a food rescue and re-sharing ecosystem, made up of the households, food industry, charities and supporting industry to minimize food wastage and feed hungry in Pakistan.

RYWO is transforming women into productive members of society by building their vocational skills and aligning them to the needs of the labor market.

COVID-19 awareness website launched in Urdu to enable communities in Pakistan to cope with this pandemic.


WCRPE was a campaign to support women Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) registration and political education, which later funded by the USAID in collaboration with Aurat Foundation and The Asia Foundation under Gender Equity Program (GEP).

RYWO, with support from other civil society organizations, teamed up with volunteer doctors in Rawalpindi to conduct a two-day-long series of maternal health awareness workshops for pregnant women and emerging reproductive, maternal, and newborn social activist.

Under a British High Commission funded program, Greenacre selected RYWO to deliver capacity building training to small and medium NGOs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

RYWO joined hands with the Social Welfare Department Punjab to launch a dengue awareness campaign including community awareness workshops, school awareness sessions, and public walks and rallies.

RYWO was awarded a grant to monitor the Local Council Associations (LCAs) training in 136 Union Councils of District Rawalpindi. The main objective of the grant was to monitor and report on the quality of LCA training with pre and post-tests results.

An initiative started in collaboration with the Civil Defence Police to train the school children and staff on first aid, firefighting, and emergency response.

Health Care Awareness and Assistance was a health safeguard project launched in collaboration with the district Zakat department to advocate poor people for getting the most out of the existing Zakat supported government health care programs.