Natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, and fire and simple accidents, such as trips or slips are inevitable but they have potential of causing serious life threatening injuries.

To keep children safe in the schools is one of the top priorities of parents and teachers. This has brought the civil defence training  to the forefront making it a priority in schools.  Having students and school staff trained in the civil defence not only boost the safety of entire school  but it can also  be the difference between life and death in the event of a natural disaster and  emergency. During natural disasters and emergency events swift initial response can help to reduce the adverse impact. Providing students with civil defence training can help to reduce risk and empower them with the ability to assess and manage the situation in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.

RYWO started civil defence training initiative in collaboration with Civil Defence Police to train the school children and staff on first aid, firefighting, and emergency response. Total 15 school children and staff were trained by conducting three half day long trainings for each. On last day of training students demonstrated what they learned and best performers were awarded with the prizes and certifications.