Mothers and infant health protection are important measure of any community development. Every day 830 women dies around the globe and 99% of those women are form developing countries. Pakistan, with 30,000 maternal deaths annually ranked among top 3 in south Asian countries. Due to maternal complication, 1 in 13 women dies in Pakistan.  Poor and rural areas women are disproportionately impacted dying more than the rate of rich and urban areas women during pregnancy and childbirth. One of many reasons for these deaths is a lack of information or misinformation about health and pregnancy related healthcare among low-income mothers in Pakistan.

It is witnessed that most of the women were unaware of the importance of routine pregnancy checkup, pre-natal supplements, iron supplements, high risk indicators and the value of hospital births. Another reason for these deaths is the dependency on the advice of ill-trained medical people including mother-in-law, relatives and even midwives (daai). Awareness gaps remain stubbornly persistent despite efforts to improve. There is a growing outcry more must be done if Pakistan is to close its maternal deaths gap.

RYWO with support of other civil society organizations, teamed up with volunteer doctors in Rawalpindi to conduct a two-day long series of capacity building workshops for the pregnant women and emerging reproductive, maternal and newborn social activist. The goal of the campaign was to increase the awareness through capacity building with new technical knowledge, tangible leadership skills and a network of peers, the workshop participants return with a knowledge and skills to improve their maternal health by decreasing the risk of maternal deaths. The leadership component of the workshop enabled the participants to capacitate and mobilize community to address the misinformation.

Total of 220 women including 24 social activists were facilitated during the campaign.